14 Celebrities Who Own Unusual Pets

Kate Upton faced some competition when shooting a 16-page fashion spread for Harper’s Bazaar recently, but it wasn’t from the other models. Upton brought her signature sex appeal to the shoot, but she may have been overshadowed by all the adorable baby animals she posed with!


Upton and several other top models wore some of the hottest pre-fall looks from Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Alexander Wang, and more while posing with baby tigers, ocelots, and monkeys. They were forced to pose with the animals for the photographs, but there are many other stars who willingly purchase exotic animals like tigers and monkeys to keep as pets. Check out which unusual pets these 14 stars have!

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber recently adopted a capuchin monkey, but the new pet already got him in a lot of trouble. Officials seized the animal at an airport in Munich, Germany after Bieber attempted to bring the monkey into the country without proper paperwork. Now, animal rights groups are demanding the monkey be taken away from Bieber because it shouldn’t have been separated from its mother yet and shouldn’t be travelling all over the world.



Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart’s beloved pet is a wolf-dog hybrid named Jack. She admits, “I know he looks kind of scary, he’s a wolf,” but insists he is “really sweet” and that he just falls at her feet when he sees her.



Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio spent $400 on a tortoise at the North American Reptile Breeders Conference and Trade Show in Anaheim, California in 2010. He bought a 10-year-old Sulcata tortoise that weighed 38 pounds, but it’s expected to grow to about 200 pounds and live until it’s 80 years old!



Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling adopted a pygmy goat named Totes McGoat in 2010 and has been spotted talking it for walks around her neighborhood. Spelling also has a silkie bantam chicken named Coco that she likes to carry around with her and dress up in miniature clothes.



Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson received a goat as a Christmas present in 2010. Clarkson’s pet has golden eyes and a wispy beard and is named Billy Joel.



Reese Witherspoon

In addition to taking care of her three kids, Reese Witherspoon also cares for her two pet donkeys. The miniature donkeys are named Honky and Tonky and they roam around with Reese’s other pets, including a horse, two pigs, three goats, three dogs, and 20 chickens.



David & Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham spent almost $2,000 on a pair of micro pigs to give her husband David for Christmas in 2009. She wanted to named them Elton and David, after Elton John and David Furnish, while David wanted to call them Pinky and Perky.



Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton adopted a kinkajou in 2005 and named it Baby Luv. The exotic animal is a nocturnal, tree-dwelling creature from the rainforests of South America. Hilton got rid of the animal in 2007 after it attacked her repeatedly.



The Kardashian Family

The Kardashian family adopted a pet monkey named Suzy in 2009. The animal was three years old and was quite a handful for Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kris. It turns out the sisters only adopted the monkey for a week in order to play a prank on their mom.



Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage once spent $150,000 on a pet octopus. Cage said he purchased the animal in order to study another life form and become a better actor. He also owns two albino king cobras.



Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner keeps a whole zoo at the Playboy Mansion. Hefner has 184 animals including turtles, squirrel monkeys, marmosets, African cranes, peacocks, toucans, parrots, and many other types of birds.



George Clooney

Geroge Clooney’s longest relationship was with his Vietnamese black bristled potbellied pig named Max, who lived with Clooney for 18 years before it died in 2006. Max weighed in at about 300 pounds.



Mike Tyson

Before he declared bankruptcy in 2003, Mike Tyson spent $4,000 each month to care for his three white Bengal tigers. Tyson says he first got the idea to keep tigers as pets when he was in prison. He had an idea that when he came out, he’d drive around with a tiger in his car to make himself look like a “baller” and a “cool dude.”



Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson adopted a chimp named Bubbles in the ’80s and liked to wearing matching outfits with his pet during the few years Bubbles lived with him. Jackson also owned a tiger named Thriller, which first came to live with him in 1998.