10 Of The Weirdest Celebrity Products

Celebrities are continuously finding new products to stick their faces on in order to get their name out there or to make more money. The 10 celebrity-endorsed products below are some of the weirdest to ever bear the name of someone famous. Check out the list to see just how many stars try to sell strange stuff!

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen’s Toothpaste

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen launched their acting careers when they were babies and have since taken the fashion industry by storm with their several successful fashion lines. One industry they probably shouldn’t have gotten involved with? Oral Hygiene! The twins once created BubbleCool toothpaste with the help of Aquafresh.



Jessica Simpson Edible Cosmetics

Jessica Simpson has a fairly successful line of shoes and handbags in stores now, but before creating accessories, hair extensions, and denim, the singer created a product that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest. Her Dessert Treats Edible Cosmetics included lipgloss, body cream, body shimmer, body mist, and shampoo that promised to make users smell and taste delicious.



Rachael Ray’s Dog Food

Rachael Ray has made a name for herself by cooking delicious meals for people, but the TV personality wants to make sure dogs eat well too. Her line of Nutrish Dog Food was inspired by her own dog Isaboo. It may seem like a strange product category to expand into, but at least Ray donates proceeds from the sale of the food to a charity that helps at-risk animals.



Paris Hilton’s Scrapbooking Supplies
It seems like Paris Hilton has tried just about everything to hold onto her fame, including creating a line of scrapbooking supplies. If you want to adorn your scrapbook with pink rhinestones and stickers that Paris thinks are “hot,” then this kit might be the right product for you.


Sylvester Stallone’s Pudding

It would be weird enough if Sylvester Stallone were to release a line of pudding into the market, but he took it a step further. The muscular star created High Protein Pudding in Milk Chocolate flavor for those looking to bulk up without giving up their favorite fattening food.



Carlos Santana’s Shoes

Carlos Santana decided in 2005 that not only did he want to be a legendary guitarist, but he also wants to be known as a successful shoe designer for women. He believes women want shoes that “reflect the same passion, artistry, and energy generated” by him. Believe it or not, the shoes are still sold in department stores and through several online retailers.



Heidi Klum’s Fruit Snacks & Candies

Heidi Klum created her own line of candies, including Heidi’s Fruit Flirtations, Heidi’s Yogurt Fruit Cremes, and Heidi’s Yogurt Dessert Cremes. We’re guessing she doesn’t indulge in too many of her namesake treats though! She wouldn’t like quite as good in the slinky ensembles she wears on Project Runway if she did.



Hulk Hogan’s Hamburgers

As if you needed another celebrity food to stay away from, Hulk Hogan created the Hulkster Cheeseburger, which is sold at Wal-Mart. We’re sure the microwaveable “flame broiled cheeseburger on a bun” makes for a delicious meal!



Shaquille O’Neal’s Jewelry

After revealing that he is a regular shopper at Zales, Shaquille O’Neal teamed up with the retailer to create his own line of jewelry. The necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets are apparently “an expression of Mr. O’Neal’s fun-loving personality and his unique sense of style” and cost from $100 to $500. Anyone want to drop that much money on Shaq’s jewelry?


Justin Timberlake’s Home Goods

We may think of Justin Timberlake as a former boy bander, but he has a passion for interior decorating too. Timberlake launched a line of home décor called HomeMint last year. He claims he put a ton of time and effort into perfecting every last detail of the collection so you know you’re getting a quality Justin-approved decoration!



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