10 Stars Who’ve Gone Through A Midlife Crisis

Michelle Obama made headlines during inauguration weekend when she stepped out with a new hairstyle. Now, the First Lady has finally revealed what made her get bangs – she’s going through a midlife crisis! She admitted to Rachael Ray today that this period in her life made her decide to switch things up.

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MObama chose a pretty tame way to deal with her midlife crisis, but what have other famous figures done to get through theirs? Check out 10 stars below who’ve survived a midlife crisis!

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s midlife crisis was one of the most publicized in Hollywood. From the drugs to the porn star girlfriends to the very public breakdowns, the 47-year-old had a pretty extreme midlife meltdown.



Demi Moore

Demi Moore turned 50 last November, but not before a breakdown. Following her split from Ashton Kutcher, the actress partied hard, dabbled with drugs, and dated other much younger men.



Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd recently admitted that he’s been going through a midlife crisis since he was 24. Now 43 years old, the actor says he didn’t panic too much when he turned 40 because he has been thinking about his age since he was in his 20s.



Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant admitted last year that he was having a midlife crisis. The 51-year-old actor revealed that his obsession with cars and motor racing was a side effect of the crisis. He went on trips to drive cars and spent hours reading about how cars work.



Kelsey Grammer

58-year-old Kelsey Grammer battled his midlife crisis last year by getting his first tattoo, marrying a woman 25 years his junior, having a baby with her, and then renewing his vows in Las Vegas just a year after tying the knot for the fourth time.



Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt will celebrate his 50th birthday later this year, which obviously frightens the actor. His age, all the negative attention surrounding his strange commercial for Chanel, and some other setbacks in his career are rumored to have sent him spiraling into a midlife crisis.



Cameron Diaz

Following her split from Alex Rodriguez and her 40th birthday, Cameron Diaz went through a midlife crisis last year. Her friend Gwyneth Paltrow stepped in to help by taking over Cameron’s finances, hiring a trainer for her, and forcing her to give up sex for one year.



Drew Carey

54-year-old Drew Carey has changed his look drastically over the past few years, and now he’s making some pretty drastic changes in his life too. He split from his fiancée of 4 years last year and moved in with a new girlfriend within days. Sources close to him insist he’s acting with no regard for others and seems to be sabotaging his career.



Johnny Depp

Friends of Johnny Depp insist the 49-year-old has been going through a midlife crisis for a while now. The actor split from longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, began dating a much younger woman, and is drinking and partying much more than usual.



Colin Firth

Colin Firth admitted in 2009 that he’d been having a midlife crisis for 20 years. The 52-year-old actor stated that “as long as midlife is there, the crisis will be there” and that his crisis had been happening since he turned 30.