Zendaya Coleman Amazed to Work With Madonna for ‘Material Girl’ Campaign

Posted by tuan on September 9th, 2017

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Zendaya Coleman Amazed to Work With Madonna for ‘Material Girl’ Campaign

Disney star Zendaya Coleman is the new face of ‘Material Girl’ – the clothing range created by Madonna and her daughter Lourdes. Zendaya is overjoyed to be working with the iconic star and has gushed about shooting the new campaign for the latest collection. She said that it was a very fun experience and she also thinks the pieces are just her style because they mix femininity with a “tough edge” which she personally loves. She said:

“Shooting this campaign was so much fun! I love the new Material Girl collection, it’s all about bold pieces that you can mix and match. All of the looks are girlie with a little bit of tough edge to it — very much like my own style!”

Zendaya Coleman Amazed to Work With Madonna for ‘Material Girl’ Campaign

Zendaya is so thrilled to be working with Madonna and thinks the icon has been very influential in the fashion world over the years. She said:

“I am very excited to be working with Madonna and Lola again and continuing to work with them for another season — it has been fantastic so far. I think Madonna is one of the biggest influencers the world has ever seen, in fashion. She created a style. If anyone were to do that nowadays, it’s like ‘No, that’s Madonna.’”

She added that when she first was enlisted by Madonna for the campaign, she was so amazed to receive the opportunity and felt it was a huge deal: “First of all Madonna knows who I am, check. Bucket list, I’m over. That’s all I need. When Madonna Instagrammed a picture of me I think I died, came back to life again, then I had a party, and then I died again, came back again, went to heaven, said hello to everybody, came back down and here I am. It was crazy, it was awesome.”

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