Unflattering Snap of the Day: Ashley Tisdale Looks Tired Without Makeup

Posted by PZ on December 19th, 2012

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Former ‘High School Musical’ star Ashley Tisdale was seen Christmas shopping with her mom (who she happens to look exactly like) in West Hollywood. Spending most of the time hidden behind large dark sunglasses, Ashley pulled them up at one point when the paparazzi where in view, and they got a pretty unflattering snap of her without much makeup and looking like she needs a huge java jolt. Ashley looked visibly tired despite her complexion looking healthy and quite tanned – just one of the perks of slappin’ on the fake stuff every day. Ashley’s career isn’t exactly stagnating, but at the same time, she kinda needs to move past the whole ridiculous Sharpay thing that was before.

She needs to do a Miley Cyrus and chop off all of her hair, or play a rape victim or something, because her one-trick-pony act can only go so far, and that will keep her in Scary Movie territory forever (she stars in the upcoming fifth Scary Movie, yes, they’re making another). She seems like a normal girl who is enjoying being famous without having to do a whole lot, but if she wants to keep that going, something needs to be done career-wise.

Back to the original thought, does she pull off the no makeup thing?

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