Nicky Hilton Shares Her Favourite Makeup Look & Beauty Tips

Posted by PZ on November 24th, 2017


Heiress Nicky Hilton has shared some of her personal beauty tips, as well as her favourite makeup look. Nicky comments that she likes to make her blue eyes more dramatic looking by wearing a smoky eye and adding plenty of mascara or even adding fake lashes. She also loves lipglosses by Marc Jacobs and has also just discovered a great tinted moisturizer product:

“I like to accentuate my blue eyes with a smoky eye and long lashes. I’m actually wearing individual lashes right now. And you’ll rarely see me without a cat eye. As for lips, I love the Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl glosses. Oh, and Chanel’s tinted moisturizer (Chanel Hydramax + Active Teinte)! If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it.”

Revealing the beauty advice her own mother passed on to her, Nicky comments that she has always been encouraged to use anti-aging products even though she’s still young. She explained:

“My mom taught me from a young age to take care of my skin. She always said it’s never too early to start using anti-aging products. I’ve been really good at using them since the age of 17. And I love anything Estée Lauder.”

Her own personal beauty tips are simple, and her main piece of advice is to always be gentle to the eye area because it’s almost impossible to reverse damage done to the delicate area:

“Never go to sleep without taking off your makeup, but be careful to not rub your eyes! The skin around your eyes is so delicate, and when you damage that, it’s irreversible. I’m extremely gentle with taking off my eye makeup. I’ve ditched the towel for a cotton pad over the years.”


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