Millie Mackintosh Used Makeup as Escapism During Teenage Years

Posted by PZ on December 9th, 2017

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Star Millie Mackintosh has opened up on her love for makeup, revealing that she would spend hours apply products to her face as a teenager because it felt like a form of escapism during that difficult period. She admits that she had low confidence and bad skin, so she would spend a long time trying to cover up her complexion and would often focus on her eyes to change people’s focal point:

”I wasn’t very confident as a teenager so makeup was kind of like an escapism. I’d spend an hour or two hours doing it. I had really bad skin so I’d spend so long trying to cover it up and distract from the skin. I’d make my eyes amazing.”

Millie is interested in one day launching her own makeup and beauty brand, so she does her best to stay up to date with makeup trends and is always on the look out for innovative new beauty products:

”I love discovering the next big thing in beauty and I am definitely looking into it but I’m so busy at the moment. It would be a range of make-up combined with skincare.”

Despite her big passion for all things beauty, Millie keeps her products neatly tucked away so she doesn’t take up all of the space in her home which she shares with husband Stephen Manderson. She said:

”I have to be fair to Stephen, and so I keep it organised and out of the way, under our bed in pull out drawers – face, lips, and lashes.”


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