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Millie Mackintosh on Life as a Designer & the Harsh Fashion World


‘Made in Chelsea’ star Millie Mackintosh has launched herself as a fashion designer since leaving the show, and has now spoken on finding her feet in the fashion world. Millie’s new pieces are for sale via House of Fraser and Asos, and the star says she is proud to have found a home for her collection. She reveals that it was hard to convince Asos that her collection deserved to be stocked with them:

”As someone who has bought my clothes from Asos for years, It’s incredible and utterly fantastic to see my designs there. They don’t stock other celebrity lines so it was hard to get on there. It’s a really strong place for the collection to be. I’m onto my autumn winter collection now which is really exciting. I model it myself too.”

Mille has encountered the harsh fashion world for herself when asking designers to lend her gowns for events because so many are not willing to dress her because she has been on reality tv. She commented that it has been slowly getting better:

““Some designers aren’t willing to lend to me because of the reality television tag and I’m totally cool with that – [it’s] becoming a bit less and less now.”

The star has also admitted that she often faces harsh body critics whenever she posts photos of herself online and she believes there is no way to please people. She thinks it can be very difficult for girls to go through this:

“When I post pictures of myself in a bikini, I get trolls telling me I look pregnant and other trolls telling me I look too thin. I just ignore them, but it’s really hard for young girls growing up in a culture where strangers – unhappy, miserable, mean strangers – passing comment on their appearance.”