Emma Roberts’ Top 5 Hair, Skin & Makeup Secrets

Posted by tuan on October 8th, 2017

American actress Emma Roberts has shared plenty of skin tips and beauty secrets; here is a look through just 5 of her best to date. From her favourite nail polish, to how she treats her hair, Emma is relaxed when it comes to beauty, but still has many great tips on how to look great without all of the fuss and effort. She is a classic and timeless beauty, and makes it look so easy on and off the red carpet – and thankfully her secrets are just as simple to copy.


  1. She Focuses on the Eyes

She focuses on her eyes: “I prefer a bold eye over a dark lip on the red carpet. It’s so much less maintenance through the night. My lashes are naturally long, so I Iike to accentuate them with a lot of mascara.”

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