Ellie Goulding Thinks Contouring is “Too Much of a Generic Look”

Posted by PZ on April 1st, 2016

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Singer Ellie Goulding has shared some of her beauty secrets. She believes that the recent trend for contoured faces actually makes women look very generic, and although it can be fun to try it out, she think’s sometimes going natural is better and more flattering. She doesn’t believe that a caked-on look is good for anyone and it hides their unique features:

“That you have to be great at contouring to make your face look good. That’s a myth, it’s setting too much of a generic look. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done some contouring with my makeup artist and it can be fun! But it’s good to keep your individuality. The best advice I’ve ever been given is that less is more. Piling on the makeup will never make it any better.”

Ellie has previously collaborated with MAC and says she does enjoy makeup experimentations but often comes back to the basics because she appreciates classic products and a timeless look. She explains that she also has some favourite must-haves because she spends so much time on planes:

“I do experiment every now and again, but my thing is that I like my natural look. Occasionally I mix it up a little bit, but I prefer to choose colours that suit my face and complement my natural features – that’s what I’d hoped to create with my MAC makeup collection as people would always ask me what tones I used. I always come back to my classic products though – Olay face wipes, Clinique’s waterproof mascaras and a lavender face spray which refreshes my face but also relaxes me, especially as I’m always on planes.”

Commenting on her teenage beauty look, Ellie reveals that she used to have black hair but it was a high maintenance look and she wouldn’t consider doing it again:

“I used to dye my hair black. That’s definitely something I won’t go back and do. No one encouraged me, I don’t know where I got the idea from, but it was heavy maintenance. I was into a lot of rock bands like Pearl Jam and Incubus. When I was 14 I had my lip pierced too – where I grew up it was cool to wear big jeans, hoodies and Vans so that was my look.”




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