5 Stars Who’ve Slammed Hollywood For Botox Use

Posted by PZ on August 29th, 2014

Believing those in the spotlight are going too far in a bid to look as youthful as possible, these 5 stars have slammed Hollywood for injecting too much botox in to their faces. Some think that ‘frozen face’ is just unflattering, very obvious or not even professional for their careers, while others think it’s an unhealthy obsession with youth that needs to stop.


Cate Blanchett


Cate is shocked by what some people are doing to themselves: “I look at people sort of entombing themselves and all you see is their little pin holes of terror… and you think, just live your life, death is not going to be any easier just because your face can’t move.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth thinks people go too far with their botox use: “I don’t like Botox. I think on some faces it works, but it’s when you can really see it that it starts to look fake. I think people look at tiny patches of their face and try to fix everything – they’ve lost the plot!”

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie comments that Hollywood actresses no longer even look human: “It is an epidemic which is out of control. The way they are injecting things and freezing things. People are looking like aliens.”

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer believes women are injecting too much in to their faces to look younger: “I think, what I have been witness to, is seeing women trying to stay ageless with what they are doing to themselves. I am grateful to learn from their mistakes, because I am not injecting s*** into my face.”

Joan Collins

Joan has noticed that many actresses have started to look similar from botox use: “I can’t tell one actress from another nowadays. They have the same make-up, hair, practically the same clothes – the Botox Brigade. I think Botox is poison. The plastic surgeons want to make you look young, but I don’t want to look young, I just want to look good.”


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