Cate Blanchett Shares Her Best Ever Beauty Secrets


Australian actress Cate Blanchett is an elegant, timeless beauty and she’s now shared some of her best ever beauty secrets. The actress says she has improved her makeup application skills and thinks finding out the right colours for your skin is essential. She also thinks good quality skin is down to diet and skincare, so she pays a lot of attention to the products she uses:

“I think I’ve gotten better at putting make-up on by working with great make-up artists. It’s finding the right shade of concealer or make-up, but in the end it’s all about diet and skincare. So I’m more obsessed with skincare than I am with make-up because I find that if I use good skincare – which I have been for a long time – you don’t really have to use as much foundation.”

Opening up on how she takes care of her skin, Cate says her biggest secret is to stay as hydrated as possible, while she swears by a few products to make sure her skin always looks its best. She explained her routine:

“I basically stay out of the sun and try to drink a lot of water. I used to decant the Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) and spray it maybe three to four times a day within air-conditioned environments or while I’m on set, both over make-up and under make-up. But now SK-II has helped me as they’ve brought out this product called the Mid-Day Miracle Essence, so you simply spray it on. Because the skin is the largest organ in the body, you’ve got to drink water… you’ve got to feed your skin.”

Cate thinks good skincare is more important than makeup, and she believes people need to let the products do their job. She prefers to use a moisturising foundation when she does wear makeup because it still benefits her skin:

“Often people will spend all this money on skincare and then they’ll put make-up on top of it and it sort of ruins the effect. I use SK-II Foundation which has pitera in it, so you’re actually moisturising your skin with a liquid foundation and then I spray the FTE on top. It seals it in.”