5 of the Best Star Tips for Healthy Skin

Posted by tuan on September 15th, 2017

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These 5 celebrities all have radiant complexions and so are definitely in the position to offer up some advice on how to get healthy skin! Sharing how they look after their visages on a daily basis, these stars have explained what they think the key is to getting a gorgeous glow – and they don’t even believe any expensive treatments are needed.  Believing a good skincare regime and the right products are the key to flawless beauty, these stars have shared their top tips for boosting skin health.


  1. AnnaLynne McCord

5 of the Best Star Tips for Healthy Skin

AnnaLynne cleanses regularly and believes sleep can make a difference to skin quality: “I cleanse twice a day, and I use BenzaClin once a day. Another thing that I always tell people, even though I don’t listen to my own advice, get some sleep. Sleep is incredibly important for clear skin. I don’t get enough of it, and the times that I have enough, I definitely had a healthier glow. Twice a week I’ll do a clay mask, or something like that. Also, if you want to be in sun, please use SPF, it’s important.”

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