5 Celebs Who Once Had to Live in Their Cars

Posted by PZ on October 11th, 2017

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They may be worth millions these days and probably own multiple properties, but before they made it big, these 5 celebrities were left basically homeless and had to live in their cars. Some spent some time in their youth living with their family in a car, while others were left flying solo and were stuck using their car as a home on wheels. Here are their own personal stories.



Jewel was struggling with health problems and forced to live in her car before her big break: “I thought ‘Well, I’ll live in my car for a minute… get back on my feet,’ but I had bad kidneys and I never could hold down another job because I got sick so often. I didn’t have insurance and ended up almost dying in the parking lot of an emergency room because they wouldn’t admit me because I didn’t have insurance. I ended up homeless for about a month and I went back to singing.”

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