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5 Celebrities Obsessed With Jewels

There is nothing more glamorous than a red carpet look dripping in fine jewellery, and these 5 celebrities are all obsessed with jewels! Some have been dressed in millions worth of precious gems for events in the past, while others have splashed out on their own expensive pieces and say they love how it feels to be wearing something so beautiful. It’s now even possible to easily, so adding up how much your jewels are worth is simple. Here are 5 celebrities who are obsessed with jewels!


Debra Messing


Debra loves to express herself through the jewels she chooses to wear: “I love diamonds, especially the white ones. My hands shake when I’m wearing them. People joke about it, but it’s true. For me, jewellery is a creative outlet, a way to express myself. If I’m going to a charity lunch, I’ll wear my antique pieces—one or two rings and maybe a pair of earrings. When I’m on Capitol Hill on behalf of YouthAIDS, I wear pearls. If I’m in a New York mood, I’ll get out my chunky pieces.”

Demi Moore

Demi loves diamonds in particular and especially her own engagement ring: “I love diamonds over any other stones, I’m a big fan but my engagement ring will always be my favourite.”

Jessica Chastain

Jessica said in an interview that different jewels change her mood: “I believe there’s something spiritual about colours and stones and they change my mood. So if I’m wearing yellow diamonds I feel very cheerful and happy and sparkling. But then there’s something very sensual about a ruby or an amethyst. On the other hand, I love a great big diamond. I love pink diamonds. Love, love, love pink diamonds… there’s not a stone I would say goodbye to. There’s something about the brilliance of the stones. We’re drawn towards diamonds because they reflect light and there’s some happiness in that.”

Scarlett Johansson


Actress Scarlett Johansson was once seen spending time at London’s De Beers jewellery store where she tried on many different gems: “She was ooh-ing and trying on some outrageous jewels. She chose a modest diamond bracelet, but was clearly in love with every gem in the shop.”

Susan Sarandon

Susan was lucky enough to be given some amazing jewels by Fred Leighton for the red carpet and she admitted that she would love to keep them: “I’m wearing yards of diamonds… They all go back tonight. Unless, I love this Fred, if you wanna give it to me, I’d be very happy. I’ll wear it all the time. You can wear it with jeans, you can wear it to the supermarket.”