5 Celebrities Who’ve Learned to Ignore Their Critics

Posted by PZ on March 7th, 2016

Not letting critics or haters get to them, these 5 celebrities have learned not to take any notice of what people say online or in the media about them. Realising ignoring those hurtful words is the only way to go forward and be happy, these stars prefer not to know what people have to say and simply don’t validate people’s negative opinions by paying attention.

Blake Shelton


Blake says he at first hit back at his online critics but now he just ignores them: “At first it was fun for me to get on there – I don’t know that anybody has as many haters out there as I do, at least in the country music world – I think that’s what was fun about Twitter for me, to get down there and be like ‘oh, really,’ and just fire back at ’em. Next thing I know, that became a popular thing for people to look at on my Twitter page, just me firing back at the booger-eaters out there. After a while … I just decided, man, I can’t get worked up over this stuff anymore.”

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