5 Celebrities Who’ve Laughed at Their Sex Scenes

Posted by PZ on July 25th, 2017

Filming a sex scene, especially with someone who may be a complete stranger, must be incredibly awkward! These 5 celebrities have all said they’ve laughed while filming their sex scenes in the past because it makes the situation more comfortable for everyone and it’s easier to relax. Finding it funny, these celebs have opted to just look to the humorous side and put any fears or awkward feelings aside.

Amanda Seyfried


Amanda couldn’t stop giggling during an awkward scene: “We were doing a scene where I was supposed to be going down on Peter Sarsgaard. We used a Popsicle, and I had my arms covering the Popsicle. It was footage that he was going to show the Deep Throat guy, to get her into the movie, to get her cast. I was laughing hysterically throughout. I couldn’t stop laughing.”

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