5 Celebrities Who Swear by Beauty Supplements

Posted by tuan on July 14th, 2017

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  1. Miranda Kerr

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Miranda sticks to a special diet and likes to add supplements to further add a health kick: “I am a blood type A and more often than not I eat specifically for my blood type. I also eat low GI, high alkaline foods, drink filtered water and eat mostly fresh produce and very little meat. I believe it is important to supplement our food to ensure our bodies have the nutrition required to remain healthy. This is even more important if you do not eat certified organic foods and certified organic fresh produce.”


  1. Nicole Kidman

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Nicole has thickened her hair up by using supplements: ”I always take hair, skin and nail Ultiboost vitamins from a company called Swisse, which I’m the global ambassador for. I down them religiously and they’ve made my hair thicker. After I had my baby, my hair got so thin. I used to have really thick hair; now it has all come back.”

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