5 Celebrities Who Prefer Natural & Organic Beauty Products

Posted by tuan on July 11th, 2017

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  1. Nina Dobrev

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Nina doesn’t believe in using chemical-packed products: ”I honestly believe it’s important not to put chemicals in your body and keep it as pure as possible. You really need to take off your make-up, and let your skin breathe sometimes. I always have makeup wipes and moisturiser when I fly. I take all my make-up off and lather on Origins GinZing moisturiser. It actually revives your face within seconds. I can’t even describe it.”


  1. Shailene Woodley5 Celebrities Who Prefer Natural & Organic Beauty Products_5

Shailene only uses organic products on her skin: “On my skin, I keep everything very natural, too. I use Sea Buckthorn from Living Libations to take my makeup off at night and to moisturize my face. The company is based in Canada and they have the highest-integrity products that I have ever found. Everything is next-level, beyond pure.”

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