5 Celebrities Who Prefer a Clean & Fresh Red Carpet Makeup Look

Posted by tuan on September 13th, 2017

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The ‘no makeup’ look is one of the biggest current beauty trends, both on the red carpet and on the catwalk lately, with a strong move towards looking fresh-faced, clean and as though wearing no makeup at all. The look is all about dewy skin that doesn’t have caked on foundation, while some finish off this look with a strong lip or bold eye to add a touch of glamour. Jumping on board this trend, these 5 celebrities all love the clean and fresh makeup look for the red carpet, explaining what they usually do when it comes to getting beautified for a big event.


  1. Gigi Hadid

5 Celebrities Who Prefer a Clean & Fresh Red Carpet Makeup Look_1

Gigi wants her face to have that ‘no makeup’ look but adds contouring:

“I feel like, for most events, if I’m going as a high-fashion model, I usually just like doing a clean face. But I feel like even with a clean face, you still have to kind of contour – so it’s kind of like the no-makeup look. I really love the nude palette from Maybelline for that because there are really good matte nude colours that you use to shadow your eyes and make it look like.”

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