Wuthering Waves: Release Date, Beta Details, and Gameplay Breakdown

Kuro Games’ Wuthering Waves has officially announced its release date, bringing a new open-world gacha RPG experience to PC and mobile devices.

 Wuthering Waves Release Date Announced for Mobile and PC

The wait is over! As announced on Kuro Games’ official social media (formerly known as Twitter), Wuthering Waves will set sail across PC and mobile devices on May 22nd, Pacific Time. However, for players in certain regions, the exact release date might differ slightly due to time zone variations.

Eagle-eyed fans might have spotted the game’s pre-registration opening on the Play Store and App Store on March 28th, listing an expected release date of May 23rd. This discrepancy likely reflects regional time zone differences, with some territories gaining access a bit earlier.

Pre-Registration and Closed-Beta

If you’re eager to get a taste of the action before launch, there’s still a chance! The next Wuthering Waves closed beta test kicks off on Wednesday, April 24th. This follows the successful February beta that introduced players to the revised storyline.

Haven’t signed up yet? Head over to the official Kuro Games website by tomorrow, April 14th, to pre-register for a shot at joining the beta.


While trailers have showcased the stunning visuals of Wuthering Waves, the true nature of combat remained a mystery. Thankfully, recent closed beta tests have shed some light. The battle system appears to be a thrilling mix of:

  • Devil May Cry-inspired combos: Expect fast-paced, stylish attacks that will have you chaining together devastating blows.
  • Genshin Impact-style team switching: Strategically switch between your three-character party members on the fly to adapt to the situation and unleash devastating team attacks.

But Wuthering Waves isn’t just about bashing enemies. You’ll also have the chance to capture them! Defeated foes may leave behind a shadow that you can absorb, transforming them into powerful artifacts that enhance your characters’ stats and abilities.

Wuthering Waves release date
Image via Kuro Game

Upgrading your heroes and artifacts requires Waveplates, the game’s gacha-style resource. You can farm for Waveplates by completing Tacet quests or pull for new characters and weapons through various banners. Similar to other gacha games, these banners often feature limited-time events for even rarer finds.

With its captivating open world, dynamic combat, and engaging character collection system, Wuthering Waves promises a captivating adventure for RPG enthusiasts. Mark your calendars for May 22nd and prepare to be swept away!