Wild Hearts Guide – How to get Sharp Goldshard Spine & Spiny Gritdog Tail

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Sharp Goldshard Spine Wild Hearts

 If you’re looking for Sharp Goldshard Spine and Spiny Gritdog Tail in Wild Hearts but don’t know where to find them, we’ve you covered. Keep reading for more information.

How to Get Sharp Goldshard Spine in Wild Hearts

To obtain this material, simply break the back of a Mighty Goldshard Kemono. This Kemono can be located in Akikure Canyon, Silvergrass Plains, or Winter Solstice Cavern. This creature’s description states, “Though its body is covered with exceptionally hard, protective spines, when the beast spots prey, it ejects its spines as projectiles to incapacitate its target.”

You should concentrate your attacks on its head and tail, where it is weakest, while using Shield Wall Karakuri to avoid being hit by its spines when it shoots them. As this Kemono is vulnerable to fire and earth-based weapons, you should use them to your advantage.

How to Get Spiny Gritdog Tail in Wild Hearts

Like Sharp Goldshard Spine, all you have to do is break a part of a Giant Kemono’s body. This time, it’s the tail of Mighty Gritdog Kemono, which can be found on Natsukodachi Isle in the Rogue Wave Reef. The game says that this Kemono is a very smart animal because it uses “structures like karakuri” in battle.

To defeat a Mighty Gritdog quickly, you should concentrate attacks on its head and body, where it is weaker, while using Elemental Lantern and Spring Karakuri to navigate the battle.

We hope you found our guide on how to get Sharp Goldshard Spine & Spiny Gritdog Tail in Wild Hearts useful.

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