Who is Kabukimono in Genshin Impact ?

Kabukimono was mentioned by Scaramochoche in the trailer for Genshin Impact 3.3 before he became the Wanderer. So, who exactly is Kabukimono?

Who is Kabukimono in Genshin Impact ?

According to Wikipedia, Kabukimono, which means “strange things” or “the crazy ones,” was originally used to refer to wandering gangs s of ronin or samurai during Japan’s feudal era.

This phrase also refers to the Japanese kabuki theater, where actors go for overly exaggerated performances along with their eccentric appearances. Arataki Itto, for quick reference, has a few kabuki-inspired components in his design, particularly in his makeup and body paintings.

What does all of this have to do with Scaramouche? In the global versions, he is referred to as a nameless “eccentric” in one of the Rather Aged Notes found in the Mikage Furnace, an area closely related to his wandering years. The Japanese text, on the other hand, reads as “Kabukimono.” They chose something very close in meaning because there is no direct translation for the term.Genshin Impact KabukimonoScaramouche, like the roaming ronin, vowed to bring nothing but destruction after his experiences roaming the lands of Inazuma, so it’s no surprise that he was also known as Kabukimono at one point.

Even so, there’s no clear reason why they chose “Kabukimono” over “Kunikuzushi,” as he’s referred to on both Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun’s voice lines. Having multiple names could simply be a Fatui thing.

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