When Christine McGuinness is stranded on holiday, she sunbathes in a teeny bikini

Due to continuing flight chaos, model Christine McGuinness and her children are stuck abroad, but she wasted no time in soaking up the sun.

(Image: Christine McGuinness/Instagram)

Due to network failures across UK airports, Paddy McGuinness’ ex has had her return flight delayed like many other Brits.

She was seen sunbathing in a blue bikini after revealing she and her three kids were stranded abroad during their holiday.

Her Instagram Story on Thursday (August 31) explained why she believes the holiday delay was “meant to be.”

When Christine McGuinness is stranded on holiday, she sunbathes in a teeny bikini
(Image: Christine McGuinness/Instagram)

A picture of a bucket and spade accompanied her message: “Still stranded but safe and happy.

“My babies are reaching new milestones, this was meant to be. If you have followed our journey you will know going abroad with my children was once a dream.

“Now they’re here on an unplanned, extended holiday coping with change and even making friends.”

(Image: Christine McGuinness/Instagram)

Despite her (over) 710,000 followers, she has kept her fans entertained with plenty of bikini snaps from her vacation.

One married fan even cheekily offered her his phone number, writing: “If my wife ever left me, I’ll give you my number.”

One hilarious response read: “Don’t worry, if your wife reads this comment, it may happen sooner than you think.”

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About Christine McGuinness :

Christine McGuinness (born 20 March 1988) is an English model, television personality and former beauty queen. She appeared on the ITVBe reality series The Real Housewives of Cheshire between 2018 and 2020 and has appeared on other television series such as The Real Full Monty and The Games