What’s Delta Damage in Valorant? 

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Valorant Delta Damage

What exactly is Delta Damage and how does it function in Valorant? This article will explain everything you need to know about it.

What’s Delta Damage in Valorant? 

Depending on what other programs you have, you may have seen this term somewhere else, but most people have seen it in the Valorant StatsCenter app, which was made by AimLab to help players get better at the game. Depending on how well you did, this could be a positive or negative number.

Delta Damage is the difference between the amount of damage you’ve dealt and the amount of damage you’ve taken. A negative value in this statistic indicates that you tend to take more damage than you deal. If you have a positive value, the converse is true, meaning that the greater this value, the better. The purpose of this statistic is to demonstrate your impact on matches beyond kills, deaths, and assists. Since that does not always represent what you contributed to your team, this may be a more accurate representation.

Knowing some general averages is helpful, but getting down to the specifics is the only way to guarantee an increase in performance in Valorant. Working on one area at a time and maintaining that focus while improving in other areas should lead to markedly better performance over time.

Hopefully, you’ve learned something from this article.

About Valorant

Valorant is a team-based tactical first-person hero shooter set in the near future. The players assume the role of an Agent, a character based on a variety of nationalities and cultures. In the main game mode, players are assigned to either the attacking or defending team, with each team consisting of five players.

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