What is the name of the necklace in Titanic

Titanic’s “The Heart of the Ocean” is made of tanzanite. It is produced at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, a world-famous tourist spot. It has been buried deep below 2 kilometers and was not known until 1967. It is said that lightning ignited a grassland fire. After the fire, the yellowish ore that was originally mixed with other stones turned into blue. The Maasai nomads who graze here collected the lovely blue crystals. 

In fact, “The Heart of the Ocean” was known as the “stone of bad luck” in the seventeenth century, and it is also the cursed stone with the most stories in history. It is also the nightmare of the French kings. It is said that to possess it is to possess death.

In 1642, the French explorer and jeweler Tavimir got this huge gem in the southwest of India, weighing 112.5 carats. After returning home, he was dedicated to King Louis XIV of France. The king gave him a generous reward. But he was killed by wild dogs at the age of 80 in India.

The second owner of “The Heart of the Ocean” is King Louis XIV of France, and he ground it to 68.1 carats. He died of smallpox after wearing the blue diamond just once.

After the death of Louis XIV, Louis XV succeeded. Louis XV became the new owner of the blue diamond. He did not wear the stone but gave it to his mistress as a women’s costume jewelry. As a result, the mistress of Louis XV was cut off in the French Revolution.

 “The The Heart of the Ocean” was passed to King Louis XVI. His queen often wore this drill. As a result, the Louis XVI couple were both sent to the guillotine. Later, Princess Lanbena, the friend of Queen Louis XVI, became the master of this blue stone and was killed in the French Revolution.

In the 19th century, the blue diamond appeared in the London jewelry market and was accepted by the banker Hope. This blue diamond was also named after his surname, so the name “Hope Diamond” began to spread to future generations.

        In the 20th century, the gem was bought by the Turkish Sultan Hamid II. The merchant who handled this business went out with his wife and children, and the car fell over the cliff, and the whole family was killed.

In 1911, Macan, the head of the postal administration in Washington, USA, bought the stone. He gave it to his wife as a gift. She often wore the gem, but in the second year, her son was killed in a car accident, her husband died soon after, and her daughter died from taking too many sleeping pills.

In 1912, in the setting of “Titanic,” “The heart of the ocean” fell into the hands of the Hockley family, and then worn on the rose neck. As a result, the Titanic was overturned.

“The heart of the ocean” and “Hope diamond,” which were initially identified as blue diamonds, were finally confirmed to be the mysterious and precious tanzanite sapphires.

Today, tanzanite has got rid of the curse of the “stone of bad luck” and turned into one of the most popular gemstones in the world, becoming the new favorite birthstones rings of many stars.