“WHAT A GORGEROUS!”| Kendall Jenner wears a strapless brown leather minidress to flaunt her stunning curves

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(Source: Instagram/ @kendalljenner)

Kendall Jenner once again impressed her millions of fans when she posted photographs of herself flaunting her famed curves in a form-fitting leather dress.

Kendall Jenner flaunts her legendary curves in a strapless brown leather minidress

Since Jenner is well-known for her modeling job and her penchant for posting photos to social media, her devoted fan base won’t be surprised by her breathtaking selfies.

She posted them on Instagram, where her followers were undoubtedly taken aback by Miss Jenner’s stunning physique.

After posting a slew of new photos to Instagram, Kendall Jenner looks absolutely stunning.

The model’s striking figure was highlighted by the form-fitting leather dress.

Kendall posed in front of a full-length mirror while holding her iPhone to her face.

(Source: Instagram/ @kendalljenner)

Kendall’s slim arms and ample bust were highlighted neby the scoop neckline of her knee-length dress.

The corset-style bodice pulled her in at the waist and the strapless design showed off her toned shoulders.

Dark material brushed her hips and fell to her knees; at the hem, white pleated fabric collected.

She had one hand on her thigh and her long, brunette hair was pulled back into poker straight locks.

She wore black pointed-toe heels that exposed some of her foot.

The white hallway behind her was expansive, and it featured dramatic archways, a runner carpet, a giant green plant, and indirect lighting.

Kendall repositioned herself in front of the mirror for the second selfie, increasing the amount of orange dusk light that reflected off her face.

(Source: Instagram/ @kendalljenner)

Her basic makeup and dark lipstick brought out her stunning natural beauty in the close-up.

From this vantage point, it was clear that Kendall was wearing a dark leather dress with an unusually shaped neckline.

While posing for the camera, Jenner’s dark hair fell in front of her face and brushed her shoulders.

She was carrying a little bag and looking down at her iPhone, which was protected by a bright red case.

The reflected glow of the evening sun illuminated her tanned face, arms, and chest.