Warhammer 40K: Darktide – How to Unclock the Marked for Death & On Overwatch Achievements

Warhammer 40K: Darktide has plenty of achievements so far, the majority of which are quite challenging. This Darktide guide will show you how to unlock two of them: the Marked for Death achievement and the On Overwatch achievement.

How to Finish the Marked for Death Penance in DarktideDarktide Marked for Death 1

To complete this achievement, players must hit four weak spots on enemies while using the Volley Fire ability without missing a shot. Although the achievement does not specify, it will not count unless you  get headshots on special, elite, or monstrous enemies.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to easily unclock this achievement. The first is to avoid fast or carapaced enemies because their movement speed will throw off your shots. Reapers and Beasts of Nurgle are two of our favorite enemies. Both of them have obvious weak points and a lot of health, which makes this achievement a little easier.

In addition, we recommend using the Lasgun over other weapons. It may or may not be your preferred ranged option, but its single-shot firing rate allows you to more precisely time your shots and avoid misses.

How to Finish the On Overwatch Penance in Darktide

Before attempting this achievement, we recommend spending a lot of time leveling your Veteran. Level 30 is ideal, but if that’s what you want to do, be prepared for a real challenge.

Do your best to get both an Ogryn and a Zealot in the party. Taking no melee damage necessitates a beefy frontline, as entering melee range is just asking to need a restart. You must have a strong frontline if you want to avoid taking melee damage. We recommend using a cleaving melee, such as the later Mk VII Devil’s Claw sword. You may also want to use an automatic rifle capable of clearing hordes. The more time you spend using your ranged weapon to clear out hordes, the less likely you are to take damage.

Aside from loadout selection, there’s a solid set of feats that can help ensure you don’t die to ranged fire. The following is our preferred build for this.

  • Level 5: At Arm’s Length
  • Level 10: Sniper
  • Level 15: Covering Fire
  • Level 20: Duck and Dive/Camo Expert
  • Level 25: One After Another
  • Level 30: Counterfire

The build above focuses on increasing your ranged damage while also making your allies much stronger. The main goal is to deal as much ranged damage as possible without getting slaughtered.

When it comes to playstyle, it goes without saying that you must play backline but not so far as to expose your flank. Enemies can appear when you least expect them, so keep some stamina on hand just in case. You must also ensure that your aim is up to par. Always be wary of the suppressed debuff, as it will always hurt you more than you think. As such, playing around cover can be an another excellent option.

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