Vivienne Westwood Refuses to Shower to Save Water


British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has admitted that she doesn’t often shower because she wants to do her part to save the earth’s water. The eco-friendly designer has always been known to highlight green issues through her fashion designs and has spoken that she also likes to do her part at home to save resources. She admits she often bathes in her husband’s used bath water:

 ”Normally at home I’m not used to the habit of a shower. I just wash my bits and rush out in the morning and more often than not get in the bath after Andreas. I’m sorry but whatever you do is helpful. We have to start somewhere.”

Vivienne believes everyone needs to do their part to help conserve energy, water and food. She believes water is particularly “precious” and adds that eating meat is also causing huge damage to both the environment and possibly even those who consume it:

”This is about how precious water is, it’s more important than the gas that the people want to dig up and we’re prepared to poison our water for that for example. Eating meat is one of the most environmentally damaging things it’s possible to do. I’m a person who’s got enough money to make choices and this is my choice. We don’t need to eat animals, there’s too many of us anyway and eating animals is destroying the world. I believe that we are an endangered species and we need to think about what we’re doing. We’re probably killing our-selves through eating meat.”