Victoria Beckham Selling 600 Personal Items for Charity Fashion Sale

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Victoria Beckham has made an amazing charitable gesture by deciding to give 600 pieces from her personal wardrobe to go on sale for charity via online store Some of the pieces included are designs worn by Victoria to some memorable events with items by designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Roland Mouret and more up for sale. Speaking on how she came up with the idea, Victoria says she was inspired by a visit to South Africa where she met some amazing women who made her want to contribute to what they’re working towards. She explained:

”In February this year I visited South Africa for a project that I was working on with Anna Wintour. It was on that trip that I met Mitch Besser, founder of mothers2mothers, and the Mentor Mothers, who are the most remarkable women I have ever met. I came back from South Africa and thought, what can I do to help? I started going through my closet and found so many great pieces that I’ve worn and thought, maybe I can raise money by auctioning these off. Working with The Outnet has been so exciting for me – I just want to do whatever I can do.”

Victoria added that many of the items hold great memories for her, but she decided that raising money for the causes was more important to her than holding on to the items, although she has a few designs not featured in the sale that she is keeping for her young daughter Harper:

”Every single piece that I have put in to be sold brought back a lot of memories a lot of really, really happy memories of myself and David, of myself and the children, of different events I’ve been to, and a lot of these have been made especially for me by the designers, these haven’t all been bought off of the shelf. People have asked, ‘Aren’t I keeping a lot of these pieces for Harper?’ I’m keeping a few pieces but for me it was more important to raise money for this charity.”