Victoria Beckham on Finding Design Success & Empowering Women

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Victoria Beckham, who has just unveiled her new Spring/Summer 2015 collection as part of New York Fashion Week, has commented on finding success as a designer and how it feels to her. She comments that although she found fame through the ‘Spice Girls’, she now feels real success as a designer and believes it’s a totally different experience this time around:

”First time around I felt famous, but now I feel successful.”

Victoria has always worked hard throughout her life and likes to spread the message to women that they can have it all – by finding a good balance between work and home life. She says that it can be a “full-on” experience, but she also thinks women are capable of doing everything they want:

”The thing is, I’ve always worked. The Spice Girls had a crazy schedule. I can’t imagine what I’d do all day if I didn’t work. I’m lucky that I do something I love, and I am proud as I think it’s a positive message to give to young women: if you want to have a career, and be married with children, then you can. It’s full-on, but it’s doable.”

The designer is about to launch her first stand alone store in London and has joked that her family will be working inside the store, with her son even taking on a Saturday job:

”Oh absolutely. I’ve got great staff working at the shop and I love retail. Maybe working behind the till – who knows? David can be on the door and Brooklyn will be a Saturday boy.”