Victoria Beckham Doesn’t Expect Clients to be Stick Thin

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She may be known for her very svelte figure but Victoria Beckham says she doesn’t expect her clients to all be stick thin, and she believes her designs can look great on women with curves or on larger sizes too. Victoria says she has dressed women with a variety of body shapes including Oprah Winfrey, and she thinks her pieces can look amazing on any figure. She explained that looking good isn’t simply about being slim:

”A lot of women think they have to be slim to wear my clothes, which isn’t at all the case. I’ve dressed Oprah Winfrey, for instance. It’s not because I have a certain body shape that I expect my clients to be the same.”

The British fashion designer says she works to boost women’s confidence and wants to make people look great. She says making women feel their best is her top priority when she’s designing:

”I’m conscious of making women look their best.”

Victoria adds that she has never wanted to simply use her famous name to get ahead because she always wanted the designs to speak for themselves. She hopes people can just respect the end result and love her pieces for what they are:

“I never wanted to say: my name is Beckham, and I’m going to put on a show! That’s not what’s important to me, the end product is.”

Victoria says she can be a control freak during the design process, admitting she likes to watch over the entire process when her pieces are being created:

”I supervise everything!’