Vampire Survivors Guide: How to Unlock Bill Rizer in Operation Guns DLC

The highly anticipated Operation Guns DLC has arrived, bringing with it a legendary hero and a brand new weapon. Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking Bill Rizer and his powerful Long Gun.

Vampire Survivors Guide: How to Unlock Bill Rizer in Operation Guns DLC

Unveiling Bill Rizer is by far the easiest character unlock in Operation Guns. However, his location might be a bit tricky to find on the new, intricate stage. Don’t worry, explorers! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Your first step is to grab the map located east of the starting area. It reveals the entire stage layout, including vital pickups like Weapon Power-Ups – essential for evolving all 11 weapons in the DLC.
  2. Once you have the map, head northeast until you see a question mark icon. This marks the location of Bill’s coffin, nestled past the challenging Laser Sword weapon (be warned, this one can be tough to snag!).

Bill Rizer Vampire Survivors

  1. Bill’s resting place is cleverly hidden on a small section of the map accessible only through a narrow southern entrance. Look closely, and you’ll find your prize!
  2. Interact with the coffin, and Bill Rizer will be added to your character roster. Now you can unleash his signature Long Gun in your future Vampire Survivor battles!

While Bill is readily available, the new collaboration area throws some seriously tanky enemies your way. To avoid early frustration, consider powering up your character in the starting area for a few levels before embarking on your Bill-retrieval mission. Remember, a well-equipped survivor is a triumphant survivor!

With a vast character roster, you might wonder if Bill fits your playstyle. The answer? Absolutely! Experiment and discover the synergies that work best for you. Welcome Bill Rizer to your Vampire Survivors arsenal, and get ready to take down the night!

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