Valorant Premier E7A3 Stage – Schedule, Enhancements, Rewards & More

Valorant Premier E7A3 Stage
Images via Riot Games

The Valorant Premier E7A3 Stage is just around the corner, and it’s bigger and better than ever before. In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about the upcoming stage, including how to participate, what’s new, and when the action starts.

Valorant Premier E7A3 Stage: Enhancements and Refinements

After several trials and previous seasons, including Valorant Premier Global Open Beta, Ignition Stage, and Launch Stage, the developers have been carefully listening to the community’s feedback. The result is a refined and improved path to pro service – Valorant Premier E7A3 Stage.

While the core concept of Valorant Premier remains intact, some significant quality of life changes has been introduced:

  • Practice Matches: Select non-match days now feature practice match queues, allowing teams to hone their skills even when they’re not in official matches.
  • Extended Team Enrollment: Teams now have one and a half days for team enrollment, offering more flexibility in team registration.
  • Timeouts: Teams have been granted one timeout per half and an additional one during overtime, allowing for better strategizing during crucial moments.
  • Premier Score Impact: The higher a team’s Premier Score, the more favorable their seeding will be in the playoffs, ensuring that performance is rewarded.
  • Playoff Seeding Queue: Playoffs now include a 15-minute seeding queue time, ensuring teams are ready to compete promptly.
  • Premier Crests: These crests indicate your team’s performance and evolve as the stage progresses, offering a visual representation of your journey.

Valorant Premier E7A3 Stage: Schedule and Timing

The E7A3 Stage is scheduled to run from November 1st to mid-December, allowing teams to register or join lineups until the opening date. Registered teams can participate in two matches on each map per week, with matches occurring between 19:00 and 21:00 based on the player’s region. It’s essential to note that the count resets every Wednesday.

Here’s the schedule for Valorant Premier E7A3:

  • Week 1: November 1 – 5 on Split
  • Week 2: November 8 – 12 on Sunset
  • Week 3: November 15 – 19 on Ascent
  • Week 4: November 22 – 26 on Breeze
  • Week 5: November 29 – December 3 on Bind
  • Week 6: December 6 – 10 on Lotus
  • Week 7: December 13 – 16 on Haven
  • Playoff Tournament: December 17

Valorant Premier E7A3 Stage: Format and Points

Images via Riot Games

The weekly matches will showcase the full competitive map pool over seven weeks, with each week focusing on a specific map, hosting a maximum of two matches on that map. All matches during this stage will be best-of-one, adding to the intensity of every game.

  • Weekly Match Win: 100 Premier Points
  • Weekly Match Loss: 25 Premier Points
  • Playoffs Match: No Premier Points

To qualify for the Playoffs, teams need to amass a Premier Score of 675 or higher in the weekly matches. The better the performance, the greater the chance of progressing to the Playoffs, which are set to take place on December 17th.

As a bonus, there are exciting rewards up for grabs for those who perform well or simply participate. These rewards range from Player Cards to Gun Buddies and even a new Premier Crest to showcase your team’s accomplishments and division. It’s time to prove your skills and compete at the highest level in Valorant Premier E7A3 Stage. Good luck to all participants, and may the best teams emerge victorious.