Valorant Agent 25 Revealed: Release Date, Abilities & Cosmetics

The Valorant community has been buzzing with speculation about Agent 25, and thanks to recent leaks, the veil of secrecy is starting to lift. We now have intel on the character’s name, gender, design, and even a potential release date!

Valorant Agent 25 Clove Release Date

Valorant’s newest agent, Clove (Agent 25), is set to arrive with the upcoming patch on March 26th, 2024 :

  • APAC: 26th March 2024 | 14:00 PT
  • Brazil: 26th March 2024 | 18:00 BST
  • Europe: 26th March 2024 | 23:00 CET
  • Japan: 27th March 2024 | 6:00 JST
  • India: 27th March 2024 | 2:30 IST


  • Ruse (E): Equip the ability to scout the area, then fire to mark locations for smoke deployment. A second press throws the smokes, creating vision denial zones perfect for taking objectives. The best part? Clove can even deploy these smokes after death.
  • Meddle (Q): Throw a fragment of immortality essence that explodes after a brief delay, damaging enemies caught in the blast. This ability offers excellent crowd control, forcing enemies to reposition or risk taking heavy damage.
  • Pick-me-up (C): This ability allows Clove to absorb the life force of a recently eliminated enemy, granting them temporary health and a movement speed boost.
  • Not Dead Yet (X/ULT): Clove’s ultimate defies death itself. Upon being eliminated, Clove has a brief window to activate this ability and be resurrected. However, they must secure a kill or damaging assist within a set time limit or they will be permanently eliminated.

Valorant Agent 25 Release Date


Clove breaks the mold of traditional Controllers who hold back and control the battlefield. Their kit encourages a more aggressive approach. Ruse allows for strategic smokes to control sightlines and secure Spike sites, while Meddle disrupts enemy pushes. However, Clove truly shines with their unique C and X abilities. Pick-me-up rewards aggressive plays by granting health and speed after eliminating enemies, while Not Dead Yet offers a second chance, but demands immediate action.

If you have a knack for flanking and landing precise shots, Clove’s kit can turn you into a dominant force. Their ability to both support and frag makes them a valuable asset to any team composition.


The arrival of Clove also brings a new cosmetic line! Complete Clove’s contract to unlock a collection of sprays, player cards, titles, and more. Here’s a sneak peek at the goodies you can earn:

  • Tier 1: Spray – Gloomheart
  • Tier 3: Title – Mischievous
  • Tier 6: Gun Buddy – Metal Wings
  • Tier 8: Title – Undying
  • Tier 10: Gun Skin – Flutter (Ghost)

Are you ready to defy death and dominate your opponents? Gear up and prepare to face (or play as) death itself when Clove arrives in Valorant on March 26th!