Una Healy posts a mysterious new photo but doesn’t explain why she deleted any traces of David Haye from her Instagram account

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Una Healy posts a mysterious new photo but doesn't explain why she deleted any traces of David Haye from her Instagram account

After deleting all references to David Haye from her Instagram account, Una Healy caused a commotion when she uploaded a new shot to the platform the following day.

The mysterious new photo from Una Healy, in which she makes no mention of the reason she deleted all of David Haye’s posts from her Instagram feed

The 41-year-old ex-Saturdays singer didn’t explain why she deleted his account, but she did tease new songs for the first time since her 2017 solo album.

The celebrity posted a lovely picture of herself on Instagram, wearing a white and black leather minidress and posing with a guitar.

Una dressed up her skinny legs with black ankle boots and a gold jewelry.

The actress played up her inherent beauty with a minimal application of makeup and loose, shoulder-length chocolate locks.

Numerous followers of Una’s have commented on the photo, inquiring about her upcoming musical and concert plans: ‘New music?’ while another said: ‘Some live dates please Una?’ 

As David Haye appeared to reveal they were in a “throuple” with Sian Osborne, Una deleted all traces of him from her Instagram account, prompting this post.

Up until Wednesday, the singer-songwriter had been posting photos of the trio and herself with David, 42.

(Source: Instagram/@Una Healy)

With the caption, “It was me and him x,” she posted a selfie of herself and David holding hands on the beach.

But by Thursday, the image and any others bearing her likeness had been removed from her profiles.

The original New Year’s Eve photo she had uploaded of the trio has mysteriously disappeared. To quote what it had originally said: I’ve started 2023 in a comfortable place, feeling genuinely happy and at peace. Here’s to this year being ours x.’

After sending Valentine’s Day messages to Una and Sian, David seemed to confirm he is in a ‘throuple’ with them earlier this month.

The British boxer posted a shirtless selfie to Instagram, in which he and his bikini-clad girlfriends Una and Sian stand arm-in-arm on a beach.

(Source: @davidhaye)

‘Happy Valentine’s Day to the beautiful Queens in my life, making my world a better place to live in!’

Una, formerly of The Saturdays, flaunted her trim figure in a black swimsuit, while Sian slayed in an animal-print bikini.

Una posted a cartoon of a glass of orange juice with two slices of orange and the remark, “I’d be nothing without you!” on Instagram, implying that the three of them were in a relationship together.

David addressed rumors of a ‘throuple’ between him, Sian, and Una last month.

David, upon his arrival at the Chris Eubank Jr. and Liam Smith bout, appeared to confirm the romance but swore he would be keeping it “secret.”

“I like to keep my private life private. I let people in through my social media a little bit, but what I do behind closed doors is between me and the girls involved.'”

The relationship between David, Sian, and Una has been the subject of much speculation in recent weeks after a string of Instagram photos showed the three together.

As a series of adorable vacation images surfaced of Una, David, and Sian together, rumors began to circulate that Una is in a “throuple.”

After David and Sian were spotted with a mystery woman in Costa Rica, the singer was said to be “glad” for them.

A source close to Una told The Sun that she is “not bothered” by the reports and has already returned to her native Ireland after vacationing with David and Sian.

(Source: Instagram/@David Haye)

“Whatever’s been going on in Costa Rica, Una’s not worried at all.”

“They are all grown-ups and she’s happy for David and Sian to enjoy themselves however they like when she’s not around.”

Reports claim that during her warm vacation, she shared photos to Instagram of herself lounging on one of three sunbeds next to an infinity pool.