Type Soul Race Tier List: Hollow Your Way to the Top!

Picking your starting race in Type Soul can feel daunting. With three core races and branching evolutions, the possibilities seem endless! This tier list aims to shed light on the path to power, helping you select the best race for your playstyle.

Type Soul Race Tier List: Hollow Your Way to the Top!

S-Tier: The Elite

These races sit atop the food chain, boasting immense power and potential. However, the climb to greatness begins with a humble Hollow form. Don’t be discouraged! As you conquer challenges and earn XP, you’ll transform into a true force to be reckoned with.

  • Hollow (Vastocar/Menoscar)
  • Hollow (Vastocar/Menoscar)
  • Shinigami
  • Arrancar (Hollow)

A-Tier: Strong Contenders

These races offer a solid foundation for success, with strong abilities and clear paths for advancement.

  • Quincy
  • Menos (Hollow)
  • Vizard (Quincy)
  • Vastolorde (Hollow)

B-Tier: Potential Unleashed

These races offer a solid foundation for growth, especially for Hollow players finally reaching their first evolution.

  • Menos Grande (Hollow)
  • Soul Reaper (Shinigami)
  • Adjuchas (Hollow)
Type Soul Tier List
Image via Type Soul

C-Tier: Onward and Upward

These races are primarily stepping stones to greater things. While playable, they lack the raw power of their evolved counterparts.

  • Adjuchas (Hollow)

D-Tier: Humble Beginnings

Every mighty warrior starts somewhere. These races may be weak, but they’re the foundation for your future dominance.

  • Fishbone (First Hollow)
  • Lost Soul
  • Menos (Hollow)

Remember, this tier list is a starting point. Each race offers a unique playstyle, so experiment and find what suits you best! Now go forth, Soul Reaper, and carve your legend in Type Soul!