Top 7 Plus Size Models That are Dominating the Industry Right Now

Plus size models are taking over the world and the industry. Keep reading for top 7 plus size models that are dominating the industry right now.

The body types of Kate Moss and Kendall Jenner were all the media showed for many years. The constant under-representation of curvier women left many consumers out in the cold.

Today, things couldn’t be more different.

Thanks to the presence of plus size models, we see a variety of body types in media. Fashion magazines, runways, and digital campaigns worldwide embrace diversity. It’s become so normal, there are even plus size supermodels.

Each one of the women on this list can teach you something about body image and confidence. Keep reading for seven of the most famous plus size models today.

  1. Ashley Graham

The trailblazer of the fashion industry, Ashley Graham, set new standards for modeling. While most models were squeezing into sizes 0-2, she boldly walked into the spotlight at a size 10.

Her Sports Illustrated cover was one of the most popular of all time. It’s also seen as game-changing for women in the industry and women at home.

She has since landed modeling gigs with global brands like Levi’s and Revlon.

Outside the fashion world, Graham is making waves in the body positivity space. She gave a monumental TED Talk on normalizing plus sizes.

She has inspired and empowered women all over the world to love their bodies. Without her presence in the fashion industry, we could still all be wishing we looked like Kate.

  1. Iskra Lawrence

Another queen of body positivity, Iskra Lawrence made waves on her social media accounts. She revealed how damaging the modeling industry had been for her as a teenager. It led to disordered eating and low self-esteem.

Iskra vowed to never let a brand tell her how her body should look.

Today, she’s a global ambassador for the brand, Aerie. Aerie focuses on using diverse and untouched models in their campaigns. She’s working to make that idea a part of plus size fashion trends everywhere.

Iskra publicly shames brands and magazines that photoshop her body. Every post she puts on her Instagram page is natural and unedited. She wants girls to see “flaws” as perfection.

  1. Tara Lynn

This brunette bombshell also used her Sports Illustrated cover to get a deeper message across. As the oldest model at SI, Tara Lynn unabashedly posed proudly of her body.

As a mother of two, Lynn’s body doesn’t look at how the fashion industry once demanded it to. And, that’s okay.

She’s modeled for H&M, Nasty Gal, and Forever21+. Lynn has spoken out on the issue of standard sizing. That clothes designed for a petite frame will not suit a curvier body.

Lynn encourages brands to design their garments in many sizes that all look flattering. It’s about time!

  1. Tess Holiday

You’ve probably heard this model’s name in the media, but not related to fashion. Tess Holiday received scrutiny on her social media pages for being curvy and proud.

Before that, she had attempted to break into the modeling industry. But she was denied access due to her size.

It was then that Holiday stepped up her confidence game. She was proud of her body and women all around the world needed to feel that way too.

Critics claimed she was promoting an unhealthy lifestyle and encouraging girls to gain excessive weight. That’s simply not true.

Holiday argues that her body and her choices are none of anyone’s business. Amen to that!

  1. Barbie Ferreira

This supermodel didn’t wait for an agency to scout her. She did things her own way, which seems to be working well for her career.

At 22, she sent her photos to the fashion brand, American Apparel. They loved the diversity her body brought to their campaigns. She modeled for them while also working at one of their retail stores.

After, modeled for Aerie, H&M, Target, and many other popular brands. Her Instagram page has become a staple for body positivity followers.

Besides modeling, her acting career has also taken off. Expect to see her on upcoming HBO show, Euphoria.

  1. Anita Marshall

Like so many models before her, Anita Marshall was told she was too fat. The criticism and rejection made her quit the industry and start working at Sephora.

After a body positive modeling agency saw her pictures, she was back in the game.

Marshall found fame and success being the face of Khloe Kardashian’s brand, Good American. She’s also graced the campaigns of Fashion Nova and Torrid.

She has become an icon for women with curves and women of color. Diversity of race is still lacking in many industries, including fashion. Marshall plans to change that, one pose at a time.

  1. Candice Huffine

This supermodel started out on the runways of Maryland pageant competitions. Candice Huffine received the PR training she’d later need from the pageant world.

At 15 years old, she attempted to start her career with fashion modeling. Agency after the agency told her she needed to lose weight, become skinnier than her current size 7.

Finally finding an agency with a plus size division, Huffine realized there was no need to change who you are. She posed on the cover of Vogue Italia with two other plus size beauties.

Today, she advocates for body positivity in the fashion industry. Huffine always knew she was beautiful and didn’t let anyone tell her otherwise. That’s the kind of confidence women today need to cultivate.

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 Fashion is apart of our lives whether we know it or not. We see advertisements and social media posts that affect our self-esteem.

It’s imperative that more shapes and sizes be represented in media. The plus size models listed above are all trailblazers. Each one empowers women to love their bodies and themselves.

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