Top 5 Successful Celebrity Gamblers

It is without a doubt that celebrities like living big. This ranges from the million dollar mansions, worldwide vacations to buying designer clothes. Most A-listers live life in the fast lane. However, some celebrities like splashing their money in casinos. There is a breed of celebs who have a lucky hand, and they have become successful when it comes to gambling. They know how to make the right bets.
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The Top Amazing Gamblers You Nee to Know About
So, wondering how you can be as successful on Betway as these bettors? Here is a look at five celebs who are successful in betting, and what they did.

1. 50 Cent
Curtis James Jackson III has gone through it all. The rapper has been shot five times, and that is enough to make any man settle. However, 50 cent made it big in the gambling industry after he released his fifth album Animal Ambition in 2014. For him, he took a different route when he was selling the album. He made the collection available only by purchasing it through Bitcoin. At the moment he managed to net $500,00 in Bitcoin. However, with the booming cryptocurrency market, the sales now net at $7 million. It was a good business move. 50 cent is also known for waging around 500,000 on an NFL game. This was in 2012 when the New York Giants were playing against the San Fransisco 49ers.

2. Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. He has acted in over fifty films which have garnered him so many awards including the Oscars. However, behind the screens, Affleck is a lover of poker. One of his greatest achievements was in 2004 when he entered the California State Poker Championship. He walked out with winnings worth $356,400. The win further earned him a seat at the World Poker Final Tour in 2014. Affleck is so good at Poker that the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas has banned him because of his constant winnings.

3. Floyd Mayweather
He puts in work for his money and plays hard with his money. Does anyone know how to splash cash like Mayweather? He is known for his successful boxing career where he has earned millions of dollars. He made a clean $300 million from his legendary fight with Connor McGregor. But do you know that Mayweather has earned over $10 million in gambling? For instance, in 2012 he made $1 million after betting on Arizona vs Oregon State game.

4. Victoria Coren Mitchell
Victoria is a famous British writer and presenter. However, she is also a lover of poker, having been the first woman to win the European Poker Tour. She is a regular household in most casinos in London.

5. Derren Brown
Before Derren Brown found his stardom in mind-bending, he was a regular in casinos. He was so good that some of the casinos such as Birmingham’s Broadway Plaza Casino banned him.

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