Top 5 Games to Play if you Enjoyed Stray 

Stray has become the new big thing in the gaming industry that every gamer seems to be obsessed with right now. This indie game about the adventures of a stray cat has received highly positive reviews from critics and gamers all around the world.

While Stray is not the first of its type in this genre, it surely is the only game to become this popular in such a short time. This has got us thinking about whether there are more games like this out there in the market. Well, we have done the work for you and made a list of the top 5 Games to play if you enjoyed Stray!

Outer Wilds

There are many things to love about Stray but one of the major aspects that make the game stand out from the crowd is definitely the game’s vast and unique world that’s completely unknown to you, pushing you to explore it. Outer Wilds might not have a cat in it but it does an equally great job at creating a sense of exploration and mystery that pushes you to dive deeper into the unknowns of the solar system.

Stuck in a 22-minute time loop, the game has you solving puzzles and unraveling secrets of this mysterious world before the world ends with a massive boom and you have to start over again. Don’t worry, you still get to keep your memories about everything that you did or interacted with in your last life before everything reset. Just keep in mind, that everything is bound to change with time. If you loved the puzzle-solving and exploration elements of Stray, you would definitely love Outer Wilds.

Endling: Extinction is Forever

Playing as the last mother fox in a decaying brutal world, you have to do everything in your power to survive and protect your cubs from the dangers of this unknown world. Explore a vast world from burnt-down forests to toxic swamps as you try to find a safe haven for your family. 

Endling tries to portray what it feels like to be living in a world devastated by humans and machines and the struggle it takes to survive one day at a time. The game puts you in situations inspired by the perils of the real world which creates a strong bond between you and the mama fox. I love the art style that perfectly captures the overall feel of the game combined with straightforward controls.

Spirit of the North

While we are on the topic of foxes, I can’t afford to leave this one out. Spirit of the North is yet another breathtaking adventure that revolves around the journey of a red fox whose fate is now intertwined with the spirit fox. Set in fictional Iceland, this game has you exploring a gorgeous land filled with magical puzzles and ancient ruins.

Spirit of the North focuses on exploration and puzzle solving with no dialogs or narration, which makes you look around the world for clues to guide you in this wild adventure. Despite that, the game has you immersed with its beautiful soundtrack and gorgeous visual art.


Think Stray but on Steroids, that’s what Biomutant is all about. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Biomutant has you playing as a Kung-Fu Raccoon on a wild quest for survival in a world full of strange monsters and brutal beasts. If combat is something you missed in Stray, Biomutant is filled to the brim with epic combat that combines melee, shooting, and a ton of mutant ability action. 

Besides the combat, the game comes packed with a ton of exciting RPG features including crafting, collecting different items, exploring the vast open world, and much more. Everything from the game’s unusual yet thrilling story to the very end is on-point! Even if we don’t compare it with Stray, you should definitely buy Biomutant and give it a try.

Catquest 2

It’s time we returned to the world of cats with a twist and Catquest 2 is probably what we need right now. It’s an exciting new sequel to the acclaimed action RPG title with tons of new and fun content. the Catquest 2 features a charming story, thrilling combat, exciting open-world exploration, and a ton more.

Played from a unique top-down perspective, Catquest 2 puts you in the cute little paws of a cat on a wild adventure in a breathtaking world. Play alone or tag along with your friends in a local coop as you slay hordes of monsters in this bite-sized yet addictive adventure.

With that, we have reached the end of our list of games that you should play if you enjoyed Stray. Of course, each of these games is different in its own ways, but they do have some similarities that any Stray lover would come to enjoy.