Top 5 Fashion Design TV Shows You Must See

Take a quick look through this article if you love fashion design TV shows. We delve into the different types of shows along with how and where to watch them.

When you’re an aspiring designer or otherwise in the world of fashion, it’s important that you keep your eyes on some of the best programming available. In this regard, there are some wonderful fashion design TV shows that you can key in on. 

Whether you’re looking into shows about fashion or shows that prominently feature elegance and fashion innovation, it’ll get your creative juices flowing. 

Read below and check out the following shows to learn more. 

  1. Style by Jury

With this show, you’ll get the chance to see people’s feet put to the fire as they attempt to step their game up. 

It features a panel of fashion experts that preside over a fashion court of sorts. They give people makeovers so that they can correct these mistakes and get their fashion lives together. 

  1. The Crown

This British-based Netflix original has a huge budget, due in large part to the amount of money spent on the wardrobes. 

The show staffs the wardrobe coordinator from Game of Thrones, who has 3 Emmys to her name. Since The Crown largely focuses on the British aristocracy, it’s only right that they go all out in expressing the fashion influences that have shaped the culture. 

  1. How Do I Look?

On this Style Network original, Jeannie Mai helps people who are struggling to get their wardrobe together. 

At the start of the episode, they explain how their style choices just aren’t working, and that they can use some help. From there, she takes them through a series of choices that allows them to learn the best ways to express themselves with style, no matter the budget. 

  1. Insecure

HBO’s Insecure is one-part young Los Angelino and two-part millennial hip hop sensibilities. 

Issa Rae and her counterparts are always dressed to the nines, and you really get to see their style progress season by season. This show is especially useful in getting fashion inspiration for women and men of color. 

  1. Sex and the City

Though Sex and the City aren’t on the air anymore, this is the show that truly raised the bar when it comes to fashion on TV. 

Over the course of six seasons, they protagonists on this show set the tone for the New York fashion scene and had people from all walks of life wanting to dress like them. The influence still remains and perhaps has played a big role in millennials who grew up on the show flocking to hip parts of New York to live and explore their dreams. 

These are some great shows to check out when you want to take in some fashion ideas. Consider shopping for the best IPTV service client in order to binge on some episodes. 

Check Out These Fashion Design TV Shows

If you’re interested in fashion and design, these shows provide you with a great starting place. 

When you’re trying to ramp up your fashion, it pays to get inspired. Check out these fashion design TV shows so that you can play around with some ideas.