Tips to Keep Your Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection Shining for Long

Posted by admin on September 3rd, 2020

Sterling silver jewelry looks gorgeous and is thus quite in trend. In fact, silver has been in vogue since eternity and has spread its charm across eras. Adorning ornaments crafted with this spectacular metal is a sure way to amp your style quotient instantly. However, the stunning look you so desire can only be achieved over and over again if your jewels retain their grace and shine. Yes, this awesome looking metal can tarnish with time thereby losing its charm. A little time and effort thus needs to be invested to maintain silver jewelry. Read on to find out a few easy yet effective ways to take care of sterling silver jewelry.   

Quick Tips to Keep Sterling Silver Jewelry Intact

It is essential to clean silver jewelry regularly so as to retain its shine. This can be done with mild soap and water solution. Just dip your ornaments in this solution for a few moments. Thereafter, pat them dry with a microfiber cloth. You may go ahead and use specially designed cleaners to clean silver jewelry in case the dirt stains are difficult to get rid of with the mild solution prepared at home.

  • A mix of white vinegar and baking soda can also help in removing heavy tarnish from the jewelry.
  • You must place these ornaments in an air tight bag or container. Alternatively, you may wrap them in felt. Just make sure they do not come in contact with air as that can tarnish silver.
  • It must also be protected from sunlight and heat. Therefore, you must choose a cool and dark place to store it. It is also suggested to keep different jewelry pieces separately so that they do not tangle or get scratched.
  • Do not rub your ornaments with tissue paper or rough cloth as it can cause scratches on this delicate metal. You must use only polishing clothes to further this task.
  • Also, it is highly recommended to take off these jewels as you indulge in household chores such as cleaning dishes, mopping and carrying out other similar tasks.

Make your Own Exclusive Collection

Silver jewelry is classy, stylish yet quite cost effective. So, you can make your own exclusive collection of silver ornaments. You will be spoilt for choice as you go looking for designer 925 silver chains, rings and other jewelry items. From heavily embellished pieces to simple ones – you will get a wide array of jewels by different brands. They boast of high quality and inspiring designs. There are designs that match the essence of different occasions and complement various outfits. You can select pieces that suit your taste and reflect your style. Adorn them to accentuate your look as you go out. And don’t forget to use the aforementioned tips to take care of your exclusive collection.

We hope the tips and tricks shared here help you take proper care of your beloved jewels so that they keep shining and spreading their charm for a long long time.

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