Tips On Treating Scars With Honey

Scars, especially ones in the face, can really take away your confidence. Scars are the results of acnes or other skin diseases. Then commonly can be treated with natural components. This is also the best way to take care of your skin. Pure honey is a humectant and a natural antioxidant. Using honey on your skin is really good for removing scars. Each honey therapy recommended should be applied in 10 minutes. Every method should be carried out with raw honey.

Scars, especially ones in the face, can really take away your confidence.

Things you’ll need

  • Raw honey
  • Clean towel
  • Lemonade
  • Cucumber juice
  • Cinnamon powder


After warming your skin, apply raw honey on it.

  1. Press a warm towel on the scars. After that, gently rub a little of raw honey on the skin.
  2. The heat will help your skin absorb honey. After a while, clean your face with warm water. That will help ease your skin to encourage it refresh itself thanks to the pollen in raw honey.
  3. Apply the warm combination of honey and lemonade or cucumber juice on the scars resulted from chicken pox. Blend honey with cinnamon and apply it on skin regularly as a facial skin recovery method.
  4. Use honey to reduce the swelling around scars and painful acnes.
  5. Dilute a teaspoon of honey in warm water to drink in every morning. This is a wonderful way to discharge toxins in your body and make scars vanish.

Tips and warnings

  • Honey is also a good way to treat wrinkles. While honey can work effectively on the outside, it’s also beneficial when drinking.
  • Use honey as a sunscreen. Because honey is a natural antioxidant, it works well in the role of a sunscreen and preventing your skin from harmful radicals.
  • One of the advantages of honey is that it doesn’t cause sticky feelings and can be washed easily.

You can use honey as sunscreen to prevent yourself from harmful radicals.

  • When applying honey on your skin, you’re providing your skin a good healing condition. Honey will gradually remove signs of infections, no matter how severe they are. In fact, honey’s pH is really low, which means it can prevent the developments of bacteria that leads to acnes and acne scars.
  • Honey has many effects, which makes it the most popular ingredient in cosmetics. Honey seals moistures. Because honey has anti-bacteria effect, it’s good at healing small wounds and is an accepted ingredient in cleansers.