These Best TV Series To Binge Watch During The Holidays

It’s almost the holiday season, and unless you’ve got travel plans, chances are, you’ll be spending some time catching up on your favorite TV shows. If you’ve been busy, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular series that have been released this year.  

Stranger Things: Season 4

I’m sure you’d already expected Stranger Things: Season 4 to be present on this list. Ever since the latest season was released, it has garnered a 91% rating from critics. I mean, given the amount of love Eddie has received in the show’s previous seasons, it’s natural that fans would want to watch more of the actor. Season 4 was also responsible for reviving Netflix’s falling subscription rates and became one of the most-watched shows in 2022 for the platform. 

Only Murders In The Building

If you’re a Selenator, chances are you’ve already heard of this show. Only Murders In The Building follows three true crime aficionados who bump into each other one day and later bond over their shared love for solving murders. They use their extensive knowledge (gathered from true crime podcasts) to get to the root of the mysterious death in their building. 

The storyline is quite unique, to be honest, and it provides tons of high-quality entertainment. On top of that, even though season 2 of the show was released just recently, it has received a perfect 100% score from critics. 

The Umbrella Academy: Season 3

The Umbrella Academy is for you if you enjoy watching shows based on superheroes saving the world using their supernatural powers. The series’ first two seasons gathered enormous praise from the audience and critics alike.

Season 3 of the show was released recently, and well… although it is quite popular and has received a hell lot of attention too, the audience rating of the show on Rotten Tomatoes is just 53%. Maybe all the deaths and missing out on comic elements here and there are to blame. 

Black Bird: Season 1

If you like a good dark crime story, you should watch Black Bird. This show is a healthy blend of drama and crime. And, that’s why the storyline never feels too far-fetched and manages to keep its audience hooked to the screen. 

In fact, the storyline of the show is so damn unique that it has gathered high scores from both critics and audience alike – a whopping 94%!

The Bear: Season 1

The Bear proves that a TV show need not have an elaborate and complicated storyline to attract audience or be on a list of the most popular shows. Sometimes a plain yet tragic storyline can do the trick. 

The Bear follows a fine-dining chef as he returns to Chicago to take over his family’s small business kitchen work after his brother passed. The story is well executed and the actors deliver phenomenal performances. These factors in a combination with several others fetch the show a perfect 100% score from critics. And this is a huge accomplishment for any new show. 

Final Words

These are just some of the most watched and talked about series of 2022. Tell me, which one did you like the best?! Which one are you going to watch next?! Leave your thoughts in the comments!