The Top 15 Kid-Friendly Roblox Games for Fun Family Gaming

kid-friendly Roblox games
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In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 kid-friendly Roblox games that are perfect for you and your children to enjoy together.

The Top 15 Kid-Friendly Roblox Games for Fun Family Gaming

BIG Paintball!

Give your little ones the thrill of paintball battles without any of the messy pain. BIG Paintball delivers all of the intensity with epic maps and ridiculous loadouts for stress-free virtual fun. Great for fostering hand-eye coordination and strategizing skills.

Fashion Famous

For those interested in virtual fashion, Fashion Famous is the game. Participate in rounds with different themes and create trendy outfits to strut down the digital catwalk. With dress-up elements and a non-serious competitive aspect, it provides lighthearted fun for all ages.

Adopt Me!

kid-friendly Roblox games
Images via Roblox

Care for virtual pets like you would in Neopets. Feed, bathe, play with and train your pets. As they grow, certain pets can be combined to create even rarer variants. With no defined goals, it allows children to roleplay and spark their imagination. Responsibility and attachment to digital pets are learned.

Hide and Seek Extreme

A classic game of hide and seek but with an environmental manipulation twist for hiders. Requires strategy, quick-thinking and cooperation. Eases children into basic coding concepts.

Insane Elevator!

If you’re looking for another spooky game after playing Piggy, Insane Elevator puts a twist on the classic elevator premise. Ride between floors filled with crazy monsters and items to outwit them. Short rounds make it easy to squeeze in a game or two. Great for brave kids and families who enjoy a scare.


A game of survival horror where one player is the killer “Piggy” and others hide and unlock doors to escape. Tension and fear make it exciting without being too scary. Teamwork is required against the Piggy hunter.

Prop Hunt Heroes

If your children love hide and seek, they will be obsessed with the disguise mechanics in Prop Hunt Heroes. Outsmarting hunters by blending into the scenery as random props never gets old. Stimulates creativity through improvisation.


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Bring the nostalgic card game UNO online and teach young kids with this intuitive virtual version. Plus new variants like team modes make it interactive learning through friendly competition between siblings or parents. Builds number skills.

Roblox Studio

Want to watch your creations come to life? With Roblox Studio, anyone can build their dream game and publish it for others. Collaborating on silly inventions fosters important STEAM skills while being genuinely fun for all. Removes barriers to entry for beginner coders.

Scuba Diving at Quill Lake

Bring the underwater exploration indoors with this scuba diving simulator. Hunt for treasures hidden around the crystal clear lake, upgrading your gear to reach new areas. Children can learn about conservation and discovery in a colorful digital world.

Speed Draw

A creative game where players are given a short time limit to draw pictures based on prompts. Once time is up, drawings are rated and the top 3 win. It’s a great way for kids to practice and improve their art skills

Super Parkour Obby

Mastering these acrobatic obstacle courses improves motor function hand-eye coordination. Hundreds of levels provide lasting challenges, encouraging perseverance and agility especially for boys. Rewards steady progress for commitment to skill-building.

Rainbow Friends

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At first glance, Rainbow Friends seems cute but it has a surprising horror element. Players must survive an abandoned amusement park inhabited by strange colored creatures. Each monster has unique abilities you need to learn to evade them. This game combines problem-solving with jump scares for an exciting experience.

Work at a Pizza Place

Kids will love the imaginative experience of running their own pizza business. Take orders, make dough, add toppings, bake pizzas, package them up, and deliver them to customers working as a team. Fun, engaging, and builds invaluable cooperative skills.

World Zero

An MMO with different character classes for players to choose. Quests, dungeons, enemies and loot await exploration both solo or with others. However, no graphic violence keeps it kid-friendly. Social skills and problem-solving are encouraged through cooperative gameplay.

These represent just a few of Roblox‘s great options for families looking for age-appropriate interactive entertainment. With such a wide variety of genres, there is always something new to discover and enjoy together on the platform.