The Sims 4 July 2022 Update: Full Patch Notes & release time countdown.

The Sims 4 July 2022 Update: Full Patch Notes & release time countdown

The Sims 4 July 2022 Update: release time countdown

The Sims 4: High School Years is set to release on Thursday 28th July (10:00 PT, 13:00 ET, and 18:00 BST ) across all platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Mac.

The pack is currently available to pre-order with the following limited edition pre-order bonuses:

  • Tri Hard LED Panels
  • Spine Reticulating Gamer Chair
  • Groove Tube Wireless Speaker


The Sims 4 July 2022 Update: Full Patch Notes

  • Wants & Fears: This base game update replaces whims and includes a large selection of Wants that your Sims will want to achieve or Fears they want to overcome. This feature is on by default and you can toggle them off in the “Gameplay” options menu.
  • Curved Walls are coming to your collection of Build tools! Place and adjust medium, large, and extra large curved rooms. Builders who are familiar with curved decks, fences, and platforms will find familiar controls for these new walls. Some doors and windows fit better than others, so to find the ones that do work well on these walls, use the new “Supports All Curved Walls” and “Supports Large and X-Large Curved Walls” filters within Build Mode.


  • On some PlayStation®4 systems, Eco Lifestyle’s Evergreen Harbor had a lot of objects flickering in the environment. We think we have squelched the problem. If you see it, please let us know and provide information about the model of PlayStation and OS version.
  • On Xbox, interacting with Cottage Living’s Chicken Coop no longer causes the cursor to vanish.
  • Closing the Notebook interface now hides its controller legend as well.

The Sims 4

  • Sims can, once again, scoot over to an open side of the bed that is pushed up against the wall.
  • Sims deliver food reliably to toddlers via the “Grab Serving for <toddler>” interaction.
  • Throwing a birthday party for a toddler? Sims now can “Compliment the Birthday Sim” to complete the party if that goal appears.
  • Did you know that your Sims can take care of a Need on their own if you click on the Need in the Needs panel? Give it a whirl! Sims with the Neat Trait now clean themselves when you click on “Hygiene” instead of cleaning their home.
  • Vault Modular Counter maintains its color underneath the dirt when it gets dirty.
  • Sims jog once again when using The MotionMonitor Gaming Mat and PrioPerfection Motion Sensor Game Mat.
  • The “Save” and “Delete” buttons now both appear when mousing over a save slot on the “Save Game” screen.
  • Sims can ask about these Likes and Dislikes without having their own preferences for them: Décor, Color, Hobbies & Skills, and Music.
  • Since Sims in the same household know each other already, they no longer have the option to ask about various Likes and Dislikes. “Ask about Career” is the one exception.
  • When socializing with another Sim, questions related to “Likes and Dislikes” now are grouped together under a category with that name.
  • Your Sims went on a vacation with another household. You just heard through a Neighborhood Story notification that they adopted! That notification now has the name of that household’s home world rather than the vacation world.
  • Placing a Lot from the Gallery defaults to its Lot type instead of asking to change to the location’s Lot type.
  • When you have a window that aligns to the dotted half-tile mark and the window is as wide as its footprint, you now can place another window like that right next to it.
  • Placing a rounded platform within another room now fills in the floor tiling around the curve.
  • Placing Dragonfly Swarm and Mosquitos on ponds now results in dragonflies and mosquitoes, respectively. Bzzzzzzz bzzz….
  • Cars viewed from a distance on low-end computers now look more like cars and less like a newbie woodworking project.
  • That screen that appears when you can choose which Sim to do something with the active Sim… we adjusted the header so longer text does not overlap with the portrait of your Sim.
  • That screen also consistently shows the “Everyone” category now when it pops up.
  • Behind-the-scenes pregnancy tracking has some improvements for better performance and stability.
  • We fixed three types of crashes:
    • [PS4-only] One sometimes happened on PS4 when saving a Lot to My Library.
    • One was related to graphics.
    • And the peskiest one sometimes happened when placing a Retail Lot that had mannequins. Take that, crashes!
  • Promotion Requirements in the Career panel now has a helpful hover-tip.
  • The Lot Challenges icon now has a helpful hover-tip.


  • Gnomes placed from the Inventory no longer continue generating seed packets after the Harvestfest ends.

Cats and Dogs

  • These curtains now can be placed around windows: Casual Country Curtains, Cozy Country Curtains, and Charming Country Curtains.

Discover University

  • After switching specialization branches in a career, your Sim now earns their well-deserved rewards from that new career.
  • The button to “Go to Class Early” now appears one hour before University classes start.
  • Sims go to University classes early when directed to if they are at their campus.

Island Living

  • Children make progress for their Outdoor Adventurer badge when they catch fish or frogs.

Eco Lifestyle

  • What, you don’t want to see books among available ingredients for the Juice Fizzing station? Well, okay. Loading ingredients now shows only proper, edible ingredients.
  • Idle animations for enjoying a fizzy drink while seated at a table now play appropriately.
  • Sims can wash off the “Dyed In An Explosion!” moodlet  with a good shower or bath.

The Sims 4  wiki :

Developer(s) Maxis
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
  • Michael Duke
  • Berjes Enriquez
  • Jim Rogers
  • Robert Vernick
  • Kevin Gibson
  • Grant Rodiek
  • Ryan Vaughan
  • Eric Holmberg-Weidler
  • Matt Yang
  • Magnus Hollmo
  • Samantha Miceli
  • Steven Ross
Writer(s) Danielle von Mayrhauser
Composer(s) Ilan Eshkeri
Series The Sims
  • Microsoft Windows
  • macOS
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
Release Microsoft Windows

  • NA: September 2, 2014
  • EU/AU: September 4, 2014
  • UK: September 5, 2014


  • WW: February 17, 2015

PlayStation 4, Xbox One

  • WW: November 17, 2017
Genre(s) Social simulation
Mode(s) Single-player