The Patient Review: An Exciting Performance From Steve Carell

As he is in The Patient, Steve Carell is nothing like you’ve ever seen. He leads FX’s compelling limited series with his best dramatic performance to date, a sublime and crushing performance that stays with you long after the finale’s credits have rolled. It transcends the memory of Michael Scott from The Office and his dramatic performances in Beautiful Boy and Foxcatcher on the big screen. After the underwhelming Space Force and a poorly written character on The Morning Show, it’s satisfying to watch Carell deftly guide a suspenseful and captivating TV show.

The Patient Review: Steve Carell gives a riveting performance

Dr. Alan Strauss, played by Steve Carell, is kidnapped by a patient named Gene, who is quickly revealed to be Sam Fortner, a.k.a. the John Doe Killer. Sam is unable to openly discuss his criminal activities during regular sessions, so he kidnaps Alan and shackles him in his house’s tiny, sparsely furnished basement. The hope is that Alan can be cured of his homicidal tendencies, even if it takes years and years of therapy. Chained to the wall with one leg, Karel uses the small space to his advantage to express fear, anxiety, sadness, and loneliness while forcefully treating Sam.

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