The gorgeous BBC star Emma Jones cries laughing as a fan confesses ‘how he’d spend an hour’ with her

Emma Jones loves responding to social media trolls, but one comical response has left the presenter giggling.

It is no secret that Jones is a fan favorite who has a large online following. She has 401,000 Instagram followers, 340,000 Twitter followers, and 278,000 TikTok followers.

In her Instagram stories, the BBC Sports presenter mocks X-rated messages that she receives on social media.

Jones responded in the opposite way, laughing when an unaffiliated account on X asked how followers would spend an hour in her presence.

The gorgeous BBC star Emma Jones cries laughing as a fan confesses 'how he'd spend an hour' with her
(Image: Instagram/X)

Her preface to the reveal was: “There’s an account on Twitter that posts photos of me every day & some of the replies kill me.”

Upon being asked the question: “If you had one hour with Emma, what would you do?” The fan replied rather cheekily: “Find something to do with the other 59 minutes.”

In one of her recent Instagram posts,  Emma shared a glamorous picture of herself wearing a low-cut leather dress with her followers.

In the caption, she joked: “I’ve discovered the solution to spilling food & drink on my clothes…wear ‘wipe clean’ material.”

In her latest Instagram post, BBC host Emma Louise Jones shared a glamorous picture of her attending the Oktagon MMA event in Manchester.
(Image: @eljonesuk/Instagram)

In response to her latest picture, her adoring fans jumped into comments section to compliment her. One wrote: “God, you are beautiful.”

The second commented: “Wow, absolutely stunning.”

The third joked: “I think you may have broken the internet. So beautiful.”

A fourth remarked simply: “Breathtaking.”

(Image: eljonesuk/Instagram)

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About Emma Jones :

A Sydney native, Emma Jones studied at Sydney University and Cambridge University. Her first book, The Striped World, has won the Forward Prize for Best First Collection, the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award for Best Collection and has been shortlisted for the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize.