GTA 6’s Female Protagonist Won’t Actually Be The Series’ First

GTA 6's Female Protagonist Won't Actually Be The Series' First

The latest report from Bloomberg reveals that the female character is a Latina and will be one of two main characters in the game’s story, which is apparently inspired by famous bank-robbing partners Bonnie and Clyde.

Many observers assumed that this would be the first time Rockstar would let a woman star in a GTA game.

The original Grand Theft Auto (released in 1997 for PC and PlayStation) allowed you to play as a woman was… actually . That game gave you a roster of characters you could choose to play as, which included not just one, but four different women:

  • Ulrika
  • Divine
  • Mikki
  • Katie

The next game in the series to let you play as a female was GTA 2, but specifically the Game Boy Color port of Rockstar’s open-world sequel. This version of the game included two more women you could play with: Gretchen and Candy .

Also, If you’ve played GTA Online, you know that when you start the game you get to choose if you want to be female or male .

Whether these GTA 6 rumors turn out to be true remains to be seen, as Rockstar has yet to make any official announcements regarding the story and gameplay.


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