The Best Way to Apply a Natural Looking Fake Tan


It can be difficult to make a fake tan look completely natural – the colour can be fake looking, and streaks or patches are another telltale sign that you haven’t been lounging in the sun! Here are some easy tips to make the most of your fake tan.

Start off with a great fake tan product – often, it can be worth spending a little extra to buy a top product like St. Tropez, as cheaper products can tend to look more orange and don’t have the best ingredients used. You may need a separate product for your face and if you wash your face daily, it can be helpful to top back up your tan afterwards.

Begin with fresh, exfoliated skin. Don’t forget to use an applicator to keep your palms free from colour for now. A tan mitt or latex gloves will help you keep your application precise. Start from your toes (don’t forget in between) and work upward towards your head. Leave your hands until the end, removing your gloves to apply a little product to each hand. To make sure you stay streak free, allow enough time to dry and don’t plan to get wet in the first few hours following your application or it will immediately run off. If any patches form, clean up the are with a wipe and dab some of the product over the paler area to effectively “stain” the skin so it matches the surrounding area. Make it look as natural as possible by observing areas of your body that are normally lighter when tanned and apply less to these spots – under arms and on skin folds.

Don’t forget to fully remove your tan before starting again, as built up layers will form patches and won’t look natural.